Review Process

All manuscripts submitted to EPI-IJE will undergo screening and review process by the editor and reviewers. The submitted file will first be checked by the editor for its proper format which should be formatted according to the journal template. A manuscript that is not formatted according to journal format will be rejected by the editor. Please download the journal template for easy manuscript formatting. Besides the format, the manuscript topic should be in the scope of the EPI-IJE. Please check the page of "Aims and Scope" for more detail related to journal scope.

After checking by the editor is completed, the manuscript will be sent to 2 (two) reviewers. The editor can choose the current reviewers of EPI-IJE shown in the reviewers' list or request new reviewers depending on the article topic and availability of the reviewers. After review by the reviewers are completed, the editor will then send the corrections and comments of reviewers to the authors for modification and clarifications. Only manuscripts that have properly corrected according to reviewers' comments which can be accepted and published in EPI-IJE. Name and affiliation of the authors will be sent to the reviewers but the authors will not be informed who are the reviewers for their manuscripts (single blind review). All processes are performed using the journal system (online).