Free Vibration Analysis of L-Shaped Folded Thin Plates

  • Koji Sekine Mechanical Engineering, Department of Creative Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Kushiro College
Keywords: Folded plate, natural vibration, vibration of continuous system


Free vibration analysis of L-shaped folded thin plates having various boundary conditions is presented. Vibration properties of the folded plates are analyzed by means of the Ritz method. Displacement functions satisfying the geometric boundary conditions are assumed in the form of double power series. The interconnection of plate elements of the folded plates is defined by translational and rotational coupling springs. The generalized eigenvalue problem, which is derived by means of minimizing the energy functional, is solved to determine the natural frequencies and mode shapes. The accuracy and validity of the present solutions are demonstrated through convergence studies and comparisons with the results from the literature and FEM (finite element method) analysis solutions. Numerical results are presented for different conditions, such as width ratio, length ratio and the four types of boundary condition.

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Sekine, K. (2019, February 28). Free Vibration Analysis of L-Shaped Folded Thin Plates. EPI International Journal of Engineering, 2(1), 67-73.