Multi-Objective Optimization of Variable-Stiffness Composites Fabricated by Tailored Fiber Placement Machine

  • Shinya Honda Department of Human Mechanical Systems and Design, Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University
Keywords: Laminated composite, multi-objective optimization, variable-stiffness composites, tailored fiber placement


A multi-objective optimization method for the laminated composite fabricated by a tailored fiber placement machine that is an application of embroidering machine is presented. The mechanical properties of composite with curvilinear fibers including stiffness, volume fraction, and density are variable depending on curvatures of fibers. The present study first measures the relation between curvatures and mechanical properties. The measured results indicate that the stiffness of composite decreases linearly as the curvature increases. Then, the obtained relation is applied to the multi-objective optimization where the maximum principal strain and magnitude of curvature are employed as objective functions. Obtained Pareto optimum solutions are widely distributed ranging from the solutions with curvilinear fibers to those with straight fibers, and the curvilinear fiber has still advantages over straight fiber even its weakened stiffness.