Virtual Geo-Hazard Monitoring andAsset Management System (ViGMAS)

  • R.C. Omar
  • H. Taha
  • R. Roslan
  • I.N.Z. Baharuddin
  • M.M Fared
  • W.S.W Hashim


This paper describes a virtual geo-hazard monitoring and asset
management system (ViGMAS) which implements a near realtime
satellite image processing system to extract relevant
environmental and meteorological parameters. The system
focuses on geo-hazard monitoring by accumulating information
about the earth using remote sensing technologies which can be
applied in disaster risk management. This system also includes
asset management program for managing assets by inventory
and assessment through integration with Geographic Information
System (GIS). Mapping and inventory by GIS help to improve
efficiencies and assist in decision making based on gathered
data. The system was designed to manage preliminary
construction and management planning, health performance, risk
and costs of management asset through 4D visualization which
integrates existing data and primary data obtained from a data
set of mapping terrain and satellite that will fit in the system of
virtual reality

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Omar, R., Taha, H., Roslan, R., Baharuddin, I., Fared, M., & Hashim, W. (2020, June 8). Virtual Geo-Hazard Monitoring andAsset Management System (ViGMAS). Lowland Technology International, 22(1, June), 8 - 12. Retrieved from