Status of Foreign Aid to Nepal’s Earthquake-2015

  • K. Shakya


Nepal is victimized by different types of natural disasters, like
earthquakes landslides, floods and others. On 25th April and May
12th, 2015, Nepal had 7.8 and 7.3 magnitude respectively
earthquakes that struck central of Nepal. The objective of the
paper focuses on status of foreign aid to Nepal’s earthquake-
2015. The paper presents the donor’s commitment and
disbursement during the earthquake -2015 in Nepal. Therefore,
the study is descriptive, analytical and exploratory. The study is
based on secondary data information from different sources.
The powerful tremor and aftershocks led to the loss of close to
9,000 lives, injured over 23,000 people, fully destroyed over half a
million homes, displaced over 60,000 people. It resulted in total
economic losses of approximately US$ 9 billion. It has been found
that altogether 34 countries physically responded to the disaster,
17 of which sent their respective military teams to assist in the
immediate search and rescue phase. Bilateral aid in terms of
relief items as well as financial aid was received from
approximately 70 countries worldwide. There is a huge
commitment and disbursement of foreign aid to earthquake’s
Nepal-2015. However, it has been found that the commitments
are much higher than disbursement in earthquake- 2015 in
Nepal. Although, after two years of the earthquakes, only about
half the money pledged to Nepal by donors

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