Research trends on land use changes during 1991–2015: A Bibliometric Analysis

  • J. Zhang
  • B. Wang
  • X. Chen
  • X. Wu
  • D. Zhang
Keywords: Land use change, bibliometric analysis, research trends, network analysis


Land use changes, as a practical and advanced space exploration technology, offered a lot of valuable data about the earth surface for global analysis, detailed assessment, environmental monitoring, mapping, change detection, disaster management, and civil and military intelligence. To provide a better understanding of global trends in land use changes research over the past 25 years and offer an informed perspective on future research, a bibliometric analysis of published land use changes research was conducted to evaluate current research trends from various perspectives quantitatively and qualitatively for the period of 1991-2015 based on SCIE&SSCI databases. This study is concentrated on the analysis of scientific outputs, research directions, source journals, author performance and their contribution, the distribution of research countries/territories as well as institutions and their collaboration and temporal trends in keywords usage.

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Zhang, J., Wang, B., Chen, X., Wu, X., & Zhang, D. (2019, June 6). Research trends on land use changes during 1991–2015: A Bibliometric Analysis. Lowland Technology International, 21(1, June), 61-70. Retrieved from